Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brett's First Camping Trip!

A few weekends ago, Drew and I took Brett to Withrow Springs State Park for his first camping trip. We joined our friends the McClung's, who graciously let us borrow a tent and a couple of sleeping bags. They have a nice camper and were happy to let us use their old equipment AND crash their campsite! Brett went to preschool with Marlowe and they have become pretty good buddies.

Withrow is only about 45 minutes from the house but it seems a world away in the middle of the forest! The campsite was beautiful and there was plenty for the kids to do. They explored the creek, swam at the pool, played in the woods and fished in the larger, War Eagle Creek.

swimming with Marlowe.. the water was cold!

burning a few sticks.. Marlowe is much more cautious ;)

a quick picture with Mommy

Daddy and his buddy

Mmmm roasted marshmallow

playing with a (clean) fish hook before casting it out

looking for crawdads with Dad

he caught his first fish!! All by himself, too!

a 2" blue gill

Exhausted parents :)

and, of course, a turtle.

Shortly after this campout we found out that we'd be getting PawPaw Bo and WeWe's popup camper!!! Yay for no more sleeping in a tent! We can't wait to get out there again and take Reese :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reese's 2nd Birthday!

Wow, I'm a bad blogger! It's been a while.. 

Here are a few pics from Reese's 2nd birthday. We had a neighborhood party with a few friends on Reese's actual birthday and a family party at Nana's the weekend after. She doesn't look happy in the pictures but I think she had a good time! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birthday, Baptism, and Halloween Fun!

Wow, I'm behind on the blogging.. I hope you have all seen most of these pictures through email, at least! Here's what's been happening with us:

Pajama Day at School :)

Reese's Baptism at St. Anne's Chapel 10/20/12

She did great!

What a blessed day 

The girl of the hour! Eight months old that day..

Happy 4th Birthday Brett!

Handsome boy.. He was happy about the Fireman Sam Station

Sage and Reese in her new hat!

Barrett made the trip from Eastern Arkansas

The Jupiter Engine came all the way from Ireland!

Fireman Sam meets Play-doh

Showing off her two teeth

Captain America

Ready to Trunk or Treat with Sister and Haleigh Ann

Cute babies

Daddy and his Bumblebee girl

A fun picture with Mommy

This gets us all caught up.. Hopefully I can do better over the coming Holidays! Love you all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stationery card

Little Blessed Rose Baptism Invitation
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving Every Minute!

It's so nice to have NO set plans! We are enjoying swimming, beach-going, watching cartoons (and football) and relaxing. The beach has been great since the rain moved out!

Cute little ladybug

Brett loves to dig

Silly boys

look at that black eye :(


She's been such a good baby on the beach!

Melt my heart

Just the girls

Loving my baby boy

Loving my other boy :)

Fun in the pool

Water bug
We are so pleased with everything in Seaside, Florida! Our little cottage is perfect :)