Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Big Boy!

Well, it looks like the cardboard worked! He hasn't been up on the counter since.. now he just climbs on the kitchen table. No rest for the wicked. Here are a few pictures from the past week or so:

Showing off his new Thomas the Train pajamas!

he loves his Valentine's balloon from Nana :)

Jammin' in the kitchen..

Enjoying a slice of apple.. a new favorite!

helping with the dishes.. while mommy was in the other room
(this was before the cardboard was up)

Rockin' a crazy hair-do.. thanks Daddy!

of course, he's always pointing to something!
Right now Brett says "Da-Da" and points at the tv when he sees Drew or the 40/29 logo. He also recognizes pictures of Drew around the house and points. He will say "PawPaw" and "Ta-Da" and "ByeBye" with a wave. He will point to his shirt and say (Da Duh Da) when you ask him "Where's Thomas?" He LOVES to play the piano. He dances and sings when there's music playing. His favorite toys are Matchbox cars. He brings us his blanket when he's sleepy and ready for a nap. His favorite foods are french fries (which we stop and get on the way to Fort Smith), cheese of any kind, prunes (thanks to Daddy), peanuts (another Daddy), apples, chips, milk with vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast added, and he likes to take sips of coffee from Mommy's mug! He's growing so fast and is so clever. He points his finger at me and "fusses" when I tell him "No-No" (which is quite often).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Solution?

As many of you know, Brett has become quite the little climber these days! Some of his favorite things are up on the bar countertop (peanuts, prunes, the cookie jar) and he knows it!

Drew and I are CONSTANTLY having to take him off the kitchen counter and the "No-No's" just aren't working.. so today we decided to (hopefully) curb his attempts to climb up in the first place!

We couldn't just take the drawers out because then he would climb the cabinet like a ladder.. So we used some cardboard to seal up the holes...

We'll see what happens.. so far so good.. I think it's just a matter of time before he pushes a chair over and climbs right back up :) ROTTEN!

I promise to take some more pics soon and post them.. I'm overdue!