Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pawpaw Preston came to visit today!

My dad stopped by to visit today! At first, Brett wasn't too sure about the big guy in the red shirt, he grabbed me tight and cried, but he warmed up after dad took off his hat and glasses! I told dad he better start coming over more often so Brett would recognize him! I guess at 6 months old he's a little startled by unfamiliar faces.. poor Pawpaw!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One More of Mr. Blue Eyes..

What a HAM!

This is one of the toys that my great aunt Adge gave Brett on our last visit.. He LOVES it! I was planning on buying one for him anyway and Adge had one in an old toy box.. there's no tellin' who all has played with it over the years! Yes, I washed it thoroughly..

Yesterday Brett was fussing and I put him down on his tummy to play.. after about 10 minutes of "talking" it got really quiet.. Look who fussed himself to sleep:
And of course, after dinner, it's play time with daddy! Drew loves to put this little gator on Brett's head. The kid KNOWS when I'm taking his picture because he really HAMS IT UP!
What a sweetheart. We have so much fun everyday!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spiritual Retreat at Cave Creek Cabin

What a view! This is Cave Creek in Mt. Judea, Arkansas. It's about 2 hours north of Russellville off of hwy 7. It took as a while to get there.. lots of winding dirt roads.. but it was worth it! Our Catholic Campus Ministries group needed a weekend retreat to wrap up the school year.. they have finals this week. What a serene environment to get some good one on one time with God!
Brett went on his first hike with daddy! I think Drew was a little worn out after carrying an extra 20lbs up a mountain trail :) The before pictures don't show all the sweat on Drew's brow:
One hike lead us to Cave Creek. Brett loved staring at the water. He even helped daddy catch a crawdad!
Back at the cabin, we relaxed in "grandpa's chair." I think it might be a little sacrilegious to set your coffee cup on the Bible.. oops!
We had a great weekend in the woods with our CCM group! They are exceptional young adults with a desire to serve God AND each other. We will definitely miss our weekly meetings with them but are planning another retreat in the fall!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Drew spoon-feeding Brett for the first time!

Drew decided he would give the spoon-feeding a try.. Brett ate up all of the rice cereal and peaches Drew had to offer.. so much fun! Of course, we've gotta strap him into the highchair to keep him seated.. little busy body likes to move all around!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost 6 months old!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.. I figured I'd better GET TO IT! Brett spent a little time at the paino yesterday.. He LOVED banging on the keys (which I'm sure isn't good for the piano, but oh well.. it's out of tune anyway)

With all of the crazy weather we've had lately, Drew's been working quite a bit! Brett and I have been hanging out with Nana and Papa Stan. It's so precious to see how Brett reacts to them both! He squeals in delight when he sees Nana come in the room, and has for a while now, but he's REALLY started to notice Papa Stan recently! Last night, they were watching him while Drew and I showed the house (more on that later) and Brett fell asleep on Nana's chest. When he woke up he looked over at Papa and grinned from ear to ear! Such a cutie!

The teeth are IN! The middle two bottom teeth are fully through the gums and they are SHARP! Brett loves to chew on our fingers.. He has suffered a little bit, but mainly his sleep has been disrupted.. booh! Mommy is tired and ready for him to sleep through the night again! We gave him a teething biscuit last night to chew on:
He's really starting to sit up pretty well.. I hold onto him a little but he loves to play in the floor and sits up big in his high chair! And boy what an APPETITE! He's been eating 2 bowls of rice cereal with fruit everyday in addition to nursing. He opens his mouth wide too!We are hoping to get an offer on the house soon.. there is a woman who is very interested but is waiting for her divorce to finalize.. Hopefully she will call this week! Keep us in your prayers!