Friday, January 30, 2009

Who does Brett look like??

I've seen a couple of my friends do this so I thought I would too! A couple of pictures of Drew and I to compare to Master Brett..
Here's Drew at a couple days old:
Brett at one day old.. what a cutie:

...OK, so at first, definitely Drew! But what about now??

Here's mommy at 4 months:

Lots of lovin' on those cheeks! And same for these cheeks:
But then there's daddy again! Oh my goodness:
I guess he's a pretty good mix.. What do YOU think?


  1. Ok sweetie...I am going to have to say Drew mostly!!!! But mommy he does resemble you as well :)!!!! Trust me I am in your shoes, mommies don't get anything...haha!

  2. I see both of you....what a cute little man. He is growing so fast already. I swear the time flys!