Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Jammies and the Long Lost Binky

Brett has grown so much lately! I had to buy him some "big boy" pajamas because the little footed ones were getting too small.. so Nana and I picked out Spongebob and Toy Story :) They are so cute on him! I think I'm gonna go back and get The Cars set too.

Last week I was in the computer room and Brett was playing in his room.. I could hear him getting into something.. a few minutes later he came walking towards me with a BINKY in his mouth! He's never really taken a binky but he found one somewhere in his room.. It was so funny watching him chew on his "newest discovery."

I can't believe that his first birthday is in a little over a month.. this year has flown by! Now, if we can just decide on a birthday party theme :)

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