Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thomas the Train is Our Life..

Last Christmas, Jeff and Roxy bought Brett a Thomas the Train set. We've tried to set it up several times but Brett always pulls it apart. Today I gave it another try and he LOVES it!
Big Smile!
Using the hay loader
(which plays the theme song for Thomas & Friends)

Getting a little closer to the action..

Mmmm... tasting the hay

Concentrating on the barrel loader

He's such a BOY.. notice the bruise on his forehead? He hit the footboard on Nana's bed.. ouch!

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  1. I just got a huge nostalgic pang when I saw your Thomas the Tank Engine track with your little one crawling on it! My boys are 10 and 9 and have moved from Thomas to Legos. I loved the Thomas years - soak up every second!
    BTW - got here from Tasty Kitchen. What a fun community that is!