Thursday, December 23, 2010

"KiKi Clause" and "Baby Jeez"

So we took Brett to see Santa aka "Kiki Clause" at the Promenade.. he wasn't sure what to think about Santa! He didn't want to sit in his lap, didn't say much and then took a handful of candy from a nearby basket..
That smirk.. priceless..

Too busy with the lollipop to play with any other kids

At least he LOOKS sweet :)

and, of course, breaking the rules

Aunt Barb gave us a beautiful nativity scene as a wedding gift/Christmas gift in 2005. We absolutely LOVE putting it out every year. Brett likes it too and plays with all of the animals and the "baby Jeez."

Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Hard to believe.. hope you are all ready to celebrate "Baby Jeez" birthday like we are!

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