Monday, April 27, 2009

Spiritual Retreat at Cave Creek Cabin

What a view! This is Cave Creek in Mt. Judea, Arkansas. It's about 2 hours north of Russellville off of hwy 7. It took as a while to get there.. lots of winding dirt roads.. but it was worth it! Our Catholic Campus Ministries group needed a weekend retreat to wrap up the school year.. they have finals this week. What a serene environment to get some good one on one time with God!
Brett went on his first hike with daddy! I think Drew was a little worn out after carrying an extra 20lbs up a mountain trail :) The before pictures don't show all the sweat on Drew's brow:
One hike lead us to Cave Creek. Brett loved staring at the water. He even helped daddy catch a crawdad!
Back at the cabin, we relaxed in "grandpa's chair." I think it might be a little sacrilegious to set your coffee cup on the Bible.. oops!
We had a great weekend in the woods with our CCM group! They are exceptional young adults with a desire to serve God AND each other. We will definitely miss our weekly meetings with them but are planning another retreat in the fall!

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