Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost 6 months old!

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything.. I figured I'd better GET TO IT! Brett spent a little time at the paino yesterday.. He LOVED banging on the keys (which I'm sure isn't good for the piano, but oh well.. it's out of tune anyway)

With all of the crazy weather we've had lately, Drew's been working quite a bit! Brett and I have been hanging out with Nana and Papa Stan. It's so precious to see how Brett reacts to them both! He squeals in delight when he sees Nana come in the room, and has for a while now, but he's REALLY started to notice Papa Stan recently! Last night, they were watching him while Drew and I showed the house (more on that later) and Brett fell asleep on Nana's chest. When he woke up he looked over at Papa and grinned from ear to ear! Such a cutie!

The teeth are IN! The middle two bottom teeth are fully through the gums and they are SHARP! Brett loves to chew on our fingers.. He has suffered a little bit, but mainly his sleep has been disrupted.. booh! Mommy is tired and ready for him to sleep through the night again! We gave him a teething biscuit last night to chew on:
He's really starting to sit up pretty well.. I hold onto him a little but he loves to play in the floor and sits up big in his high chair! And boy what an APPETITE! He's been eating 2 bowls of rice cereal with fruit everyday in addition to nursing. He opens his mouth wide too!We are hoping to get an offer on the house soon.. there is a woman who is very interested but is waiting for her divorce to finalize.. Hopefully she will call this week! Keep us in your prayers!

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