Monday, March 22, 2010

Surviving the Snowstorm..

Happy Spring!

Mother Nature brought us a foot of snow Saturday into Sunday. Brrr! We actually had record breaking snowfall.. but Drew can tell you all about that.. What I know is Thomas! Thomas, Thomas, Thomas.. I LIVE Thomas! So I found this puzzle at Target. It's three feet long! I glued it to two pieces of posterboard and hung it on the wall in Brett's room:

Shouldn't take long for him to try to pull it down.. get the glue ready!

Check out these cute pajamas Dixie and Ryan bought for Brett while they were skiing in Colorado! Too precious.. they fit him perfectly! He looks like a little acrobat running around the house.
We're SO ready for Spring! Bring it, DREW!

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  1. I LOVE the Thomas wall art. I always have to order stuff online for my little man. He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo and Fat Albert. weird combo I know but they just don't have any of that stuff in the store (or at least not anything I would actually hang in my house) so I too have to get creative. And is there any sight more precious in all the world than a baby in jammies.... I still try to buy them for Kaileigh, then she reminds me she is twelve and that is "so not cool" so I have to settle for Isaiah being the only one wearing them.
    love love love it!