Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beach Time in the Rain

It rained all day yesterday. That's not good when you've got a wound-up preschooler! Brett asked us about 500 times when we were going to the beach so we gave in and toughed it out. He is such a beach boy! First, here's a picture of his injury:

He was on the top bunk and got hit with the ceiling fan :(

Reese's first time on the beach!

She likes it :)

Beach baby

Look at that sweet smile!

Brett is in HEAVEN

He looks like he's been in a fight.. but he's smiling anyway

Daddy and his babies

Loving it!

Reese loves it too

I'd say she's pretty happy at the beach

We had a great rest of the day and took a little drive to Rosemary Beach for some ice cream. Now it's raining again but looks to be letting up. Either way, Drew and Brett will head to the beach soon!

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