Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We made it to Seaside!

It was a long night but we made it to our vacation destination. We left home at 10pm on Sunday night and rolled into Florida about 13 hours later. Drew and I took turns driving and napping. We stopped in Hattiesburg, Mississippi for a big breakfast and looked for Brett Favre (no luck). Overall, the kids did GREAT! We stopped at Navarre Beach to play a little while and have lunch before heading into Seaside. 

Sweet Reese is a trooper! She slept all night.

Brett woke up a few times but was so excited "to get to the vacation" :)

Tired Mommy and giddy Brett

We made a stop at the Navarre Beach splash pad near Pensacola

Reese was curious about the splash pad

Brett needed to burn off a little energy after 13 hours in the car!

They found a shady spot :)

Brett wouldn't wait to get in the water.. even brown water with lots of pine needles..

Reese was more interested in the grass!
More pictures to come.. we were exhausted last night and Brett had a little incident with the ceiling fan and bunk bed (pictures next time) He has a nice blue, swollen nose :( Both kids passed out before 7pm and we all slept great. It's been raining today but we'll head to the beach later! 

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